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A New Year, A New You with Teeth Whitening Brought to you by Dr. Jaleel

It’s a New Year and one of your resolutions likely involves bettering yourself. Why not start the year off right with a dazzling smile? If you’ve been ashamed over the shade of your teeth and have been finding yourself hiding your smile, we wouldn’t want you to give off the wrong impression about yourself. Having your teeth as white as they can be will rejuvenate your smile, bring a new sense of self-confidence, and will give you more reasons to smile in the first place!

Boost your confidence with whiter teeth.

Boost your confidence with whiter teeth.

The colours of our teeth are inherently within a range of yellowish-to greyish shades. Although our teeth fall within this natural range, it is the whitest of smiles that we associate with health, vitality, happiness and beauty. Luckily, turning this perception into reality is well within our reach with the latest advancements in bleaching and whitening technologies. For this reason, teeth whitening can be an effective and simple makeover for your face at any age!

Before and After Teeth Whitening Treatments.

Before and After Teeth Whitening Treatments.

Teeth naturally darken with age. Just as our hair turns white, so do our teeth begin to yellow. (Too bad the opposite couldn’t be true!) The accumulation of stains from food, drink and smoking accelerates the darkening process that comes with age. Teeth may also be darkened by certain medications, root canals or trauma to the teeth. But there is no need to kick the coffee habit just yet!

A peroxide-based concentration penetrates tooth enamel, removing stains while lights in the form of lasers catalyze the reaction to speed up the process. Although the agents used by a professional dentist in Ottawa are stronger than at-home treatments, the precision and care taken during application increases effectiveness and reduces any possible irritation.

Teeth Whitening Process

Some teeth and gum sensitivity may be a possible but brief side effect. However, friendly and accommodating, just let Ottawa dentist Dr. Jaleel aware of any personal sensitivities to make the process as comfortable for you as possible. Teeth whitening treatments are worth making the visit to your Ottawa dentist to ensure the most efficient and effective treatment to serve your personal needs. Based on the current colour of your teeth, sensitivity and medical history, cosmetic dentists will tailor your treatments. Accordingly, you can begin seeing results as quickly and comfortably as possible for you personally.

Don’t wave your white flag of surrender. Instead flash a new set of pearly whites! Stop by Dr. Jaleel, your local dentist in Ottawa, to see if you can turn your discoloration from coffee into a declaration of confidence!