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Be Hockey Ready with Sports Mouth Guards

Be Hockey Ready with Sports Mouth Guards

Remember to add a mouth guard for each child to your list of school supplies. Protecting your child’s head, jaw and teeth, even for seemingly non-contact sports, is very important.

Mouth guards not only protect the teeth. They may also prevent serious injuries by helping to avoid situations where the lower jaw and teeth are forced up against the upper teeth and jaw.

Sports Canada reports that overall, 69 percent of Canadian youth participate in organized sport. In any sport, whether it’s full-contact hockey or a friendly game of racquetball, a little preparation can prevent costly and sometimes painful mistakes later on! Dr. Jaleel at the Fairlawn Dental Clinic in Ottawa, Ontario is your go-to dentist to get custom-made sports mouth guards. 

Who should wear a mouth guard?

Anyone playing contact sports or engaging in aggressive activities should wear a mouth guard.

Any sport with a strong chance for contact with other participants or hard surfaces requires mouth protection. Players who participate in basketball, baseball, soccer, wrestling, squash, hockey, lacrosse, rugby, in-line skating and martial arts, or even recreational sports such as skateboarding and bicycling, should wear mouth guards when practicing or competing.

Many athletes resist wearing a mouth guard because of bulkiness and poor fit. Dr. Jaleel is here to help you and your kids obtain a set of custom-made mouth guards are the most comfortable, non-bulky and form-fitting.

What are the factors that affect the fit of a mouth guard?

When you come visit Dr. Jaleel, she will consider a number of factors when fitting a patient for a mouth guard — size of mouth, bite, type of sport played and whether or not you wears braces or other appliances are all important considerations. Each patient’s very specific needs must be addressed for maximum comfort and protection.


Types of mouth guards

Custom Made:

Dr. Jaleel and the rest of the team are here to answer any questions you may have about custom-made mouth guards. We will go over it briefly on the blog. We recommend you get in touch with us to get further details.  You can find our contact information at the bottom of the page. First, we takes an impression of the patient’s mouth and the mouth guard is fabricated from a cast model of the patient’s teeth. This method provides the best fit, protection and comfort. The custom-made mouth guard is most durable, can be modified for specific sports and patient-need and does not interfere with speech or breathing. There are two other types of mouth guards but are not as precise or as comfortable as a custom-made mouth guard.

Boil and bite or mouth-formed:

This type of mouth guard requires heating in warm water and then the user bites into the warm plastic. Because it is not vacuum-fitted onto a model of the patient’s teeth, the fit is not as precise. The heating process will also reduce the longevity of the mouth guard.

Stock or ready-made:

Made of rubber or polyvinyl, the ready-made mouth guard is a generic fit with limited comfort, protection and durability. It is often bulky and loose-fitting and may interfere with breathing and speech. Dr. Jaleel does not recommend your child using a ready-made mouth guard.

Care for your mouth guard so it cares for you!

Caring for your mouth guard will help it take care of your teeth longer. Take a few moments to:

  • Rinse your mouth guard under cold water after each use and air-dry. Occasionally clean it with mild soap and water or mouthwash.
  • Store your mouth guard in a plastic container when not in use to avoid damage due to excessive heat and cold.
  • Wear your mouth guard properly. Do not cut or alter it and do not chew on it.
  • Check your mouth guard regularly and let your dentist know if it shows any signs of wear, or has any tears or cracks that may weaken it. If the bite has changed and the mouth guard no longer fits well, it can sometimes be adjusted by Dr. Jaleel.


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Hockey Season is Upon Us: A Custom-fit Mouthguard Will Keep You On the Ice!

It’s that time of year. Hockey season is in full swing. However, if you find yourself or your child on the ice as opposed to watching from the stands or on your sofa, there’s one thing you can be sure of – this contact sport requires some serious protective precautions. But over the bulkier more noticeable equipment like helmets, shoulder pads, shin pads – or, depending on your gender, perhaps the harder-to-forget gear like a jock strap – a mouth guard may be overlooked.

Custom mouthguards can look and feel more discreet.

Custom mouthguards can look and feel more discreet.

Without proper protection you run the risk of damaging your gums, arches, or potentially breaking, chipping, or even losing a tooth or two! Having just missed Saint Nick’s annual trip, it will be harder to ask someone to replace those two front teeth. So to avoid having an unwanted lisp, a mouthguard is the way to go.


Mouthguards come in three varieties: your most basic stock mouth guards can be purchased over the counter at any sporting goods store as can the “boil and bite” model. However while “boil and bite” mouthguards can at least be slightly customized to your unique set of teeth, there is still a limit in the malleability of the material. The third option is to go to your local dentist in Ottawa for a custom-fitted mouth guard. A custom fit mouth guard from a dental specialist has the benefit of added comfort, enhanced protection, less obstruction to your breathing, and the most natural fit so that it does not interfere with your speech. Custom-made mouthguards from your Ottawa dentist can also better accommodate considerations such as cavities, baby teeth, missing teeth, braces or other ongoing orthodontic treatments.

Of course, the use of mouthguards is not solely limited to hockey. Any contact sport including football, wrestling, roller derby or rugby usually necessitates a mouthguard within their code of conduct. However, even in seemingly safer sports, it never hurts to be safe!

A patriotic example of custom-fit mouthguards.

A patriotic example of custom-fit mouthguards.

If it is hockey you’re playing right here in the nation’s capital, we salute your patriotic dedication to the true Canadian sport. Whether it’s pickup hockey in the backyard, or major league hockey in a stadium, just remember that taking the time and splurging on that extra protection to get a professional mouthguard molded perfectly to your bite from a dentist in Ottawa could keep money in your pocket from expensive dental care a hockey injury could lead to. See you on the ice!