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Advice for Your First Dental Visit in a Long Time

Advice for Your First Dental Visit in a Long Time

How long has it been since you last been to a dentist? Lost count of the years?

At the Fairlawn Dental Clinic in Ottawa, we understand that there might be obstacles preventing you from walking into a dental office. Fear is a great motivator in keeping people away from the dentist, but pain is also a tremendous motivator and it can move even the most fearful of patients to take action.

If you are one of the Fearful, let us to make this easier for you.

First and foremost, at the Fairlawn Dental Clinic, we welcome you with open arms and congratulate you for taking a positive and responsible step in the right direction. Dr. Jaleel and the rest of the team are all about moving forward in our practice – no lectures, no scolding and, most importantly, no shame.

Shame is actually just as common as fear when it comes to avoiding the dentist. The thought of what the dentist will see when you open your mouth can be embarrassing, but understand this – we are professionals. This is what we do day in and day out. We fix teeth. We are healers. We treat you with the dignity and the respect you deserve and you should expect nothing less from caring professionals!


What you should expect on your first visit being back to a dental clinic:

Urgent care

1. We will update your medical and dental history by having you fill out a questionnaire, so be prepared to bring an updated list of all of your current medications and physicians names/telephone numbers. If you require assistance or wish us to discuss this with you verbally – no problem.

2. We will seat you in one of our treatment rooms and discuss the reason for your visit today.

3. We will perform a thorough examination of your mouth and teeth and record our findings in your chart.

4. Next, we will update any dental x-rays that are necessary for us to diagnose your dental problem.

5. Once we have concluded our overall assessment, we will carefully weigh all of the information before establishing a sound treatment plan. Sometimes, a patient comes to us with more than one issue in their mouth. We must then, with the patient’s involvement, establish a list of problems then organize and prioritize them according to the person’s immediate and long-term needs and desires.

6. We will then discuss your treatment options and alternatives with you and explain the advantage/disadvantages and risks of each.

7. We will present a general sequence of appointments necessary which we may adjust as treatment progresses and the conditions of your mouth are re-evaluated. We encourage you to ask questions and take some time at home to carefully weight all of the information we have presented to you.

8. Our friendly team will discuss fees with you and will assist you if you have dental insurance.

9. Oftentimes, we may be able to offer you same-day urgent care then schedule a follow-up visit to finish treatment or re-evaluate your condition.

General Check-ups

1. Steps 1-4 above will take place. Updated x-rays will allow us to assess the current state of health of your teeth and supporting structures (gums and jaws).

2. We will determine if there is any need for further treatment and discuss our findings with you. Again, we encourage you to ask questions to better understand your dental options.

3. When you see one of our hygienists for a dental cleaning, they will discuss your current home care regime and will offer you practical solutions to help you improve and maintain a good hygiene program at home.

Not your grandparents’ dentist:

There are many people who absolutely hate going to the dentist, but their fear of tooth pain/loss is far greater. That first step through the door is the hardest to make, but it is always a step in the right direction.

Over the years, we have seen many of these patients try their best to maintain regular check-ups and cleanings every 6 months. It has been wonderful to see them become much more relaxed and trusting in our care. There have been so many advances in dental technology and attitudes that you will be pleasantly surprised how much we differ from the dentistry you may have fought long and hard to forget.


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