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Dental Implants Can Impart Assertion in Your Smile

Last week we discussed the benefits a mouthguard can provide in protecting (and keeping!) your teeth. But perhaps if you didn’t get a chance to read it in time, or by some other misfortune, you may have found yourself in that worst-case scenario.

Not to fret – even something as seemingly firmly rooted as teeth are subject to the wears and tears of the unexpected. Perhaps by a sporting mishap, health implications, pure clumsiness, or just plain aging, it’s near impossible to keep a perfect set of all 32 teeth – and those who have had their wisdom teeth removed can attest that they get along just fine without those molars (…and additional astuteness).

Dental Implants: Before & After

Dental Implants: Before & After

That being said that the implications might not be noticeable, whether it’s a tooth or two here and there, depending on which are missing you may have difficulty chewing, and therefore complications to digestion may arise. Additionally, depending on the location of a missing tooth, it might be causing some more superficial issues such as insecurities in your smile.

Well dental implants are – as the name suggests – more than superficial, but certainly secure! Of course “implant” has a connotation that may be a tad unnerving, as we usually associate it with the surgically invasive. But, just to think: One renowned contemporary implant dentist claims that the origins of dental implants may trace back to 4000 years ago, originating in China when implants were fabricated from bamboo! Fast forward 4000 years and rest assured, the art of dental implants being practiced by your Ottawa dentist has certainly been refined.

Through the process of osseointegration dental implants can actually fuse with the bone structure within your jaw. These titanium or ceramic implants are biologically accepted and integrated into your structure, making dental implants feel as natural as possible. With the dental implants as the anchor, the actual prosthetic tooth itself can be fastened on, with the longevity of 10 to 15 years.
Dental implants can be used to resolve an array of dental issues, with the solution as unique as your own bite. It may be a single tooth one may be hoping to replace, or it may be a set of dental prostheses that bridges the gap between multiple implants and their natural neighbours. Dental implants may come as removable dentures that are secured into the implants by day and removed by night, or they might anchor to your own teeth as seen fit for durability and stability.

For now your bark might be worse than your bite. How about loose the bark altogether and reclaim your feistiness and vivacity with a new bite that lives up to all its former glory. Have your local Ottawa dentist, Dr. Jaleel, help fix your insecurities with some dental security, and have your smile firmly anchored!