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What To Do In Dental Emergencies?

What To Do In Dental Emergencies?

So You Chipped Your Tooth—Now What?

Before you do anything else, don’t panic! There are tried-and-true methods that you can use to fix your chipped-tooth situation. Just stay calm, take a deep breath, and follow the instructions below. These steps will help you minimize the damage to your tooth and the rest of your mouth, and help you with the pain and the confusion. Just remember that everything will be okay.

First thing to do is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jaleel immediately because we do provide dental emergency care, but this is what you can do in the meantime:

1. First, get warm salt-water and gargle it. This will prevent any infections from forming in your cracked or chipped tooth.

2. If you’ve chipped your tooth so badly that you’re bleeding, you should place gauze over the area and apply gentle pressure for about 10 minutes. The bleeding should stop then, but if it doesn’t, you should put ice on your jaw near the chipped tooth to shrink the blood vessels.

3. Cover any sharp, cracked edges with wax or something else soft and clean until you can get to the dentist. You don’t want to accidentally cut any part of your mouth and make the situation worse.

4. If pieces of the tooth fell elsewhere, you need to save them in case Dr. Jaleel can reattach them. If they fell in your mouth, you should rinse your mouth with water and spit them into a container. Spitting slowly prevents any bleeding areas from reopening, and it ensures that you don’t accidentally spit the pieces across the room and lose them.

5. Take a pain reliever if you’re in pain and you notice swelling around the injured area.

Broke Your Tooth? Dr. Jaleel is here to help!

You may have bitten down on a hard food or object, or perhaps you had a cavity that weakened your tooth. Either way, your tooth is now broken, and the steps you take to care for it will determine whether you get to keep your natural tooth or not. Millions of people suffer from broken teeth every year, so you are not alone. However, that does not mean your newly cracked tooth does not need immediate attention.

What is a Broken Tooth?

A broken tooth is one that has been fractured, chipped, cracked, broken apart, or completely knocked out of the mouth. You may or may not feel your tooth break, depending on the extent of the break and whether your tooth was decaying prior to the break. It is usually very easy to diagnose a broken tooth, because the evidence will be visible. In the case of hairline cracks in the teeth, you may start to note a sensitivity to hot or cold in the neighborhood of the fracture.

The Right Way to Handle a Broken Tooth

As soon as you know your tooth is broken, chipped, or fractured, make an appointment to visit our emergency dental office. Even the tiniest fractures require attention: bacteria can infect the fractured area, which could cause you to lose the tooth altogether.

Until you are in our office, you can manage your pain using over-the-counter pain medication, such as Tylenol, or you can apply a cold compress to prevent swelling and inflammation. Be sure to rinse your mouth with warm salt water after every meal until you are able to visit us.

Keep in mind that while pain medication is an effective way to manage a broken tooth at home, it is only a temporary fix. Broken teeth should not be treated solely at home, and over-the-counter solutions are not substitutions for professional dental care. Failing to make an appointment with Dr. Andreas Azarko after breaking or chipping a tooth can place your health at risk.


Treating your broken tooth will depend on the type of break you have and how much of the tooth is affected. According to the Canadian Dental Association, a minor chip or tiny fracture line may be repaired with bonding. On the other hand, a more serious break that exposes the tooth’s pulp may require a root canal or extraction to prevent infection. Ultimately, our team here at Fairlawn Dental Clinic will explain to you the best treatment plan based upon our evaluation of the condition and extent of your break.

If you have broken, cracked, chipped, or fractured one or more of your teeth, don’t hesitate to contact our office immediately.


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